Can You Feel
the Energy!?

What Is Camp ENERGY?

Camp ENERGY is an overnight camp in Millville, Pennsylvania, that gives youth the knowledge and motivation they need to take control of their own health & happiness. While at camp, we climb the massive rock wall, conquer the zip-line, cook meals together, swim, play volleyball, build campfires, and so much more. Click here if you're interested in joining us this summer as a camper!


Jerry Foley

With over thirty years’ experience as a successful “teacher-coach”, Jerry is Head Coach of swimming & diving at Susquehanna University and has a Masters in Physical Education & Health. He loves long bike rides.

Rachel Bastian

Assistant Director
Rachel has been involved with special camps at Camp Victory for over 10 years. She holds a Masters in Education and works in research education at UPenn. Rachel walks as her main mode of transportation and enjoys exercise classes.

Jennifer Franceschelli

Medical Director
Jennifer earned her DO and is a Doctor at Geisinger Medical Center in Pediatrics and Obesity Medicine and Malnutrition. Jennifer’s favorite way of being active is hiking with her dog.

Nicole Quinlan

Curriculum Director
Nicole works at Geisinger Medical Center in family based weight management intervention and holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Nicole likes roller-skating and competes nationally in fencing.

Michelle (Shelli) Bell

Camp Dietitian
Shelli brings years of experience as a Dietitian to Camp. She’s a passionate cook who loves teaching kids healthy habits.

Jess German

Director of Operations
Jess works in research at UPenn and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Rehabilitation and Human Services. She loves running, hiking, and an occasional tennis match.

Jessica Amon

Development Coordinator
Jessica has been involved with camps at Camp Victory for around 14 years. She works as a System Analyst at Geisinger Health System. She enjoys scuba diving, photography and being active.

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